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The company is licensed by the Ministry of Finance of Georgia No.446747 the Conduct of state lotteries Lotturo continues to receive new licenses in accordance with applicable law.

Law "On State Lotteries in Georgia". Article 3

Item 1: The principle of the state monopoly on the introduction of lotteries is to prohibit the introduction and holding of all lotteries on the territory of Georgia, except for state lotteries, which are held by lottery operators who have received the right to hold them in accordance with the procedure established by this Law.

Item 2: The principle of voluntariness presupposes the independence and voluntariness of the player's decision to participate in the state lottery. Compulsory participation in the state lottery is prohibited. Compulsory games also include games in which participation is a prerequisite for players to receive tangible or intangible benefits or rights that are not prizes.

Item 3: The principle of publicity presupposes prior to the drawing the mandatory publication of the conditions of the state lottery and information about the prizes (prize (winning) fund), the presence of independent public control over the prize draw during the drawing, as well as the mandatory publication of the results of the draw draws.

Item 4: The principle of equality of conditions for participation in the state lottery provides for equal chances of winning a prize in the state lottery in players who have made the same bets; mandatory application of the mechanism of drawing prizes on the terms of randomness, regardless of the will of the operator of the state lotteries, players or other persons.

Item 5: The principle of information protection provides for the mandatory technological and physical protection of raffle devices and means of withdrawing, storing, entering and withdrawing information related to the movement of funds and lottery tickets from unauthorized access by third parties, and the organization of periodic monitoring of their serviceability.

Item 6: The principle of pre - payment of the bet assumes the full and such that precedes the drawing, the payment of the bet to the distributor of the state lottery. It is prohibited to sell lottery tickets or accept bets on credit (with installment payment) or with subsequent payment, except for paying the bet with credit or debit cards or using checkbooks if the payment is authorized.

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